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Just some of the fantastic Bands/Singers who have performed at Sarisbury Green Social Club this year.

Sunstoke 4th February,14th October
Creative Covers 1st April, 12th August
Rockin the Joint 18th March, 10th June, 26th August,
Stevie John 25th February, 29th July
Peter Pods Peas 28th January, 29th April, 23rd September
The Pop Pickers 24th June, 9th December
screenshot 2022-06-11 at 15.27.55.jpg
Going Back 18th November
Just Gary 22nd April, 28th October
Ivan J 27th May
Just Gary.jpg
Hot Line 7th January,8th April, 2nd September
Forever Young 11th February, 17th June, 25th November,31st December
Ivan J.jpg
Goldtrax 15th April,1st July
Hugh Budden & The Blue Chords 25th March, 21st October

Midnight Hour 6th May & 22nd July

The Ace Tones 20th May

Hugh Budden.jpg
Ace Tones.jpg

Alphabet 3rd June, 5th August, 30th September,11th November

Little Joe 15th July

Limited S 8th July


Chevy 55 4th March, 19th August, 4th November

Contrast 14th January

Deep 13 2nd December

Higher Ground 16th September

Persona 11th March

Phil Devine & Mimi Mirage  16th December

Delvis 21st January, 18th February, 13th May, 24th December

Where's Johnny 7th October

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